From the future with love

Saturday, October 12, 2013
From the future with love
A world in which law enforcement is only for those who pay for it

We never fail to be impressed by short film makers who manage to craft and weave stories from shorter narratives, tighter budgets, and a serious restriction in resources. One shining example is  K-Michel Parandi’s 'From the Future with Love'.

It's a look into a future in which the police only provide protection if you can afford it. To explore this idea, Parandi crafts a series of vignettes that explore the pros and cons of this new world. On the one hand, the wealthy are entitled to the highest level of protection. On the other, the rise of technology on the enforcement side is also matched on the criminal side, leading to newer and more devious ways for crimes to be committed.

The film leans heavily on concepts we've seen before in this genre. However, K-Michel is unapologetic about ploughing this particular furrow. Where 'From the Future with Love' expands on this idea is by trailing a longer, episodic web series in which this is just the start.

Written By: Matthew Hussey

Matt Hussey was very nearly an award-winning writer. When he's not forcing that accolade into a sentence he works for a variety of men's lifestyle and technology titles including Wired, ShortList and MSN.